About iMago Lamp

About the smart lamp iMago    

On occasions like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings, baptisms or events of any kind where you have to buy a gift, we are always facing the same problem …

“What should I buy ?”

We rarely come up with an idea that is unique !!!
The Imago lamp came to solve that problem. It is unique, elegant and custom manufactured lamp, based on your photo …

Created to light up your precious personal moments, in a wonderful, original and unique way, to give vitality to your favorite memories.
It is a special way to light up your room with your precious memories !!!
The personal photos of your family, your friends, your children, your pets can now be represented in your iMago.

The iMago lamp is 3d lithography, carved on a durable material, which when back lit, your favorite photo comes alive and shows off every detail.
The lamp’s cylindrical lithography is mounted to two extra solid machined aluminum cylinders. Simple, elegant and easy to combine with your decor.

The iMago uses long life and low power consumption light-emitting semiconductors (RGB LED).
The RGB LEDs are wirelessly controlled (WiFi) from your smartphone or tablet.
So with your mobile, you can switch on/off the lamp, control the intensity and change the color that you want to give to your memories (16 million colors).
You can control the lamps individually or in groups (Group Sync Control). You can even control them through internet (Internet Control).
You can turn your lights on/off on a schedule (timer mode).
You can also change the intensity of the light, based on the rhythm of the music that you listen to (Beat Pulsing Light).

The iMago lamp besides personalized , is also an easily convertible lamp and can be used as a table lamp or desk lamp, ceiling lamp, floor lamp or wall lamp.
Available as a single lamp (one photo), double lamp (two photos), triple lamp (three photos), without base, with wall mount, short base, medium base or a long base.

How do I get my own iMago lamp?

You attach your photographs in the checkout form, and we manufacture your personalized iMago.

Photo Quality

The quality of the photo you send us plays the most important role in the final result.
Any defect, poor quality, poor lighting, burned by the sun, lights, etc., transfer directly to the lithophane of the lamp.
The image resolution is also a very important factor on the final result. A low resolution image cannot be enlarged because it will lose detail and will become deformed.
Therefore , the choice of the photo is very important!
If you have any questions about the photo you want to use, feel free to send as a copy and we will create a sample for your approval.

Privacy Policy

The photos you send us are used only for the construction of the lithophane. They are NOT published anywhere and are deleted immediately after the postage of the lamp.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Contact us by email [email protected].